Toothpaste Filling Machine

Toothpaste Filling Machine This is a specialized machine we made for one of our customer. The machine is made to fill a viscous liquid, in this case, a toothpaste in a customized container you can see in the video. The capacity is 40-50 pieces per minute.

Isobaric Carbonator Filling Machine

Isobaric Carbonator Filling Machine Previous Next This series is a CO2 carbonator, compresses gas into a liquid semi-automatically. Suitable for making soda, fruit juice, wine, or other carbonated liquid. It is compatible with bottles, glass bottles, cans or aluminum that can withstand high pressure and is recommend for use in SMEs, laboratories, restaurants or bars.

Gallon Washer & Sterilizer

Gallon Washer & Sterilizer https://youtu.be/KlqSftw2pOI Another special type machine that washes and sterilizes the gallon before being filled and capped.