In-Line 6-6-1

     This is one of the In-Line Series with 6 rinser and filler caps with 1 capping head. It is a combination of an automatic rinser, filler and capper. It meets the standards of GMP and could be installed in limited areas.

     It consists of 3 main features which are the inner rinser, gravity filler and the capper.

     For the Inner Rinser, it is the reworked version from the rotary type with a smaller size, good looking and more convenient for the user. Suitable for small-size manufacturers. A recommended type of bottles would be various types of glass and plastic bottles that could be clean with air or water, or even both.

     For the Gravity Filler, it has a simple structure and has an easy to operate system, easy maintenance and has low maintenance cost. It is suitable for various types of bottles and the height of the filler is adjustable. It also supports filling many types of liquids such as water, juice, fish sauce, pharmaceuticals and many more.

     The last feature is the Capper. It is a small-size automatic capper that comes with the filler. It is available for many types of bottles and caps. It works automatically with a spinning plate guiding the bottles to the capper to be sealed . The capping head’s power is controlled by a magnetic system which it’s power can be adjusted at will.